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Scott Flying Squirrel Project 1938

We are pleased to be able to offer this great part restored project for sale, the bike is loosely assembled and most of the major components are present. This would make a great project with a great deal of the resto works already done. The V5 states that it has only had 3 owners since 1938!

Alfred Angas Scott was a prolific inventor with some 50 patents to his name. His experiments with two-stroke motorcycle engines began in the closing years of the 19th century, and the first complete Scott motorcycle followed in 1908. Its twin-cylinder engine, two-speed gearbox and all-chain drive marked it as an exceptionally advanced design for its day. Light weight, ample power and sure-footed handling thanks to a low center of gravity were Scott virtues right from the outset.

Launched at the Olympia Show in 1925, the new Flying Squirrel model came in 498cc and 596cc capacities, the latter being the most expensive machine in the range. Subsequent models benefited from the company’s racing program, gaining a duplex frame and bigger brakes. As the 1930s progressed the Flying Squirrel took on more of a touring role, being further updated with detachable cylinder head, Brampton forks and a foot-change gearbox. With continued improvements, under a variety of owners, sometimes in fits and starts, the two-stroke Scott would continue into the 1960s. In history and specification it is without argument one of England’s most interesting motorcycles.

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