Dawson Classic Motorcycles Race Team

The Dawson Classic Motorcycles Race Team is a real family affair following a lifelong interest in motorcycling. Adrian and Bob Dawson have three racing sidecar outfits between them, each designed for different classes of competition.

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Our racing passion started with ownership of several classic bikes in the 70’s and 80’s and with spectating at many race meetings. Adrian then had a short solo racing career on an LC350 but had a tendency to fall off due to over exuberance.

Wife Jan got sick of this and volunteered as his first sidecar passenger on a 4 stroke Kawasaki in the mid 1980’s. This racing partnership ended with the arrival of Bob, so Adrian went on to race a formula 2 TZ 350 2 stroke outfit at national level. After an accident at Oliver’s Mount he sustained a spinal injury restricting movement from the chest down and for the next 25 years thought his racing days were over.

He did, however, get back on a road going sidecar outfit and started doing track days with Bob as passenger until 2014 when the ACU granted his racing licence again. This was the start of the father and son partnership which began with them racing a BMW sitter outfit with the British Historic Racing Club for 2 years. This culminated in 1st place in the 750 championship in 2015.

They then progressed to a Rod Bellas built kneeler outfit and started mainly racing with the Classic Racing Motorcycle Club. Competition in the club is strong but they managed 2nd place in the 750cc P2 Championship in 2017 & 2018.

For 2019 to 2021 the team moved onto campaigning the P3 1070cc outfit, culminating in securing 2nd place in the 2021 P3 (over 750cc) CRMC Championship.

Bob has competed at the Isle of Man pre TT Classic on the Billown Circuit in 2016 as a classic sidecar passenger coming away with a 750 class win and 9th overall.  In 2022 he returned on the 750 to compete as a driver for the first time coming home in 5th place overall.

A highlight for the last few years has been participating in the Camathius Cup rounds in Chimay and Gedinne in Belgium, most recently securing wins in both 750 races in 2022.

The team now has three racing outfits…

P3 1070cc

The 1070cc Moorespeed BMW powered MRE Chassis which Bob drives and Matthew Sims passengers. This year we will be taking part in selected CRMC rounds, the Isle of Man Pre TT races and some of the Belgian road races.

P2 750 Bellas

This year Adrain will be campaigning the 750 with Alan Cracknall in selected CRMC rounds and various road races in Belgium including Chimay & Gedinne. This bike is adapted with Klicktronic hand gear change and all the brakes are operated by hand. All machine adaptations and prep has been carried out by Dawson Classic Motorcycles with only the engine being supplied by Moorespeed LTD.

Modern Formula 2

This year we have a new Formula 2 LCR sidecar that Bob & Matthew will be campaigning in the British FSRA Formula 2 sidecar championship for the first time together.