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Velocette Viper 1960

This superb condition Velocette Viper has been clubmanised rather successfully as you can see in the pictures and video. We don’t have much information on the history of this one but it’s fair to say that the condition of the mechanicals shouldn’t be in doubt owing to the smooth running and faultless operation.

‘One’s outstanding impression is of the exceptional flexibility and smoothness of the engine – it seems almost incredible that so much docile punch should be the product of no more than one cylinder and an 8.5:1 compression ratio,’ enthused Motor Cycling about its test Viper, summarising characteristics that will be familiar to anyone who has ever ridden one of Hall Green’s delightful high-camshaft singles. Introduced in 1956, the high-performance 500cc Venom and its 350cc Viper sibling retained the frame and forks of the MSS tourer while boasting full-width alloy hubs and smart chromed mudguards. Though equipped with a smaller engine than the Venom, the Viper received the same bottom end, which was incredibly robust. A close-ratio gearbox helped ensure that this bike was quick off the line, and even with just 26 horsepower this bike was capable of 90 miles an hour or nearly the same number of miles per gallon.

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