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Yamaha RD350LC 1980

We are proud to be able to offer this superb 1980 Yamaha RD350LC, she has been lovingly restored to the condition you see here creating an absolute time capsule Yamaha correct example. There is a large folder of receipts cataloguing the parts and work that has been been carried out. This LC was first registered in the Uk in 2011 after being brought over from Germany, with 3 previous owners listed on the UK V5c since. She sports matching numbers and really is one of the best examples you will find, although the pictures look fantastic they do not do the bike justice!

No motorcycle of recent times has achieved ‘cult’ status to the same extent as Yamaha’s legendary ‘LC’. Launched at the Tokyo Show in 1980, the RD250/350LC marked the introduction of water cooling to Yamaha’s range of potent middleweight two-strokes while also bringing mono-shock rear suspension and – in the 350’s case – twin disc front brakes to the package for the first time. Water cooling had been a feature of the Hammamatsu firm’s TZ racers for some years, and the LC’s family resemblance was obvious. The 350LC continued the Yamaha tradition of giant-killing performance established by the air-cooled RD350 and RD400, and although its circa 110mph top speed was inferior to that of the larger, multi-cylinder opposition, over twisty going a well ridden 350LC could show almost anything the way home. It was also relatively inexpensive, endearing itself to impecunious younger riders, whose high-street stunts rapidly established the easily-wheelied LC’s ‘hooligan bike’ credentials. The availability of noisy expansion chamber exhausts and a host of other tuning accessories – some of dubious merit – only served to further enhance the LC’s ‘bad boy’ image. This capacity for easy personalisation remains an essential part of the LC’s appeal; few remained standard for long, a state of affairs that has led to the few totally stock survivors such as this example becoming highly prized.

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