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Suzuki GT250 1975 Project

Here we have a true project for someone to take to the next stage, she appears to be a good runner as be be seen in the video. With some recommissioning it could be used as it is. But would ideally make for a superb full restoration project. The frame appears to have already been powder coated, and mechanically the engine appears to be be sound. The Suzuki GT250 was an upgraded version of the T250. In fact, the very first models (released in Japan) were exactly the same bike, only the model name was different. … In many countries, Great Britain included, it was the best selling motorcycle until the mid seventies.

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Motorcycle additional information

A true project mainly complete but the parts we have noticed that would be required to finish are:

Clutch Cable, Rev counter cable & Speedo cable. The front forks are pitted and would need attention. The front brake is not piped up and would require sorting out. There are various chrome items as can be seen in the pictures that although are serviceable, would not be classed as pretty.

It is worth noting that these are just things that we have noticed and as with any project more issues could be unearthed.

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