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Yamaha RD 250 LC Pro-Am 1983

A rare chance to own one of the 2015 revived Pro-Am series Yamaha RD250LC bikes! We have the official race results for this bike provided by IDP Moto the highlight of which was a win and a 2nd at the 2017 BSB Cadwell Park meeting piloted by John Corrin (who’s name sticker is still on the screen) the bike is in absolutely stunning condition and is ready to grace any collection. We have sent off the paperwork to the DVLA to obtain a number plate for those of you who would like to rock up at the local biker’s cafe on a Pro-Am LC!

Spawning many relationships and race careers, the iconic RD250LC formed the just-as-iconic Pro-Am series in the 80s. It gave amateurs a chance to prove themselves against the established, earn big bucks, and there’s a revival taking place at this year’s British GP. Racing legends such as Niall Mackenzie, Jeremy McWilliams, Geoff Crust and James Haydon will be part of a 24-man grid, all on identical LCs. It’ll follow the same format to that of the series back in the 80’s, with riders picking their bike keys out of a hat, apparently…

Daryl Young of IDP Moto was given the unenviable task of restoring 30 RD250s in just eight weeks. “It was Chris Herring (ex-Honda Racing director and influential man in Circuit of Wales’ plans) who came up with the idea after a few beers and a curry on a Friday night,” says Daryl, who is only marginally taller than Dani Pedrosa.

“We thought the biggest challenge would be finding 30 RD 250s, but in fact that was probably the easiest bit. Turning them from pieces of shit to something that looks pretty much brand-new is the hard bit. We’re a bit anal about it, with great attention to detail. The drab olive kickstart and bottom yoke, and even the engine bolts are zinc-plated to keep everything authentic.”

“The idea is, when they’re all lined up over at Silverstone’s Wing come August, it will look like 30 brand-new 250LCs. We’re in the process of rebuilding every engine, stripped down to the last nut and bolt, all the gears checked and all the usual bits and pieces. Bob Farnham is doing all the cranks, we’ve got new pistons and all the barrels are standard, so there won’t be any complaints!

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